Sunday, April 29, 2012

Should have raced Michaux

I'm researching medical leave right now....  I think I'll have to apply tomorrow so I have some quick research to do. It seems like a good idea for the summer anyway as it will save me a hunk of money over the next few months. We shall see if I can pull it all together in less than 18 hours.

I had my interview today.... turns out I'm horrible at disguising my radical left-of-left sympathies. The 'a-political' group asked me not only about my preference of health care systems, but also about my position regarding undocumented immigration. Related? No. Bigots? I think maybe. I felt written off within the first 10 minutes. All in all I definitely should have gone out to Michaux. 

With (huge) exception to the interview, my day was pretty stellar. I had my first juego de futbol with team Holandia. Those ladies are rocking and we absolutely dominated. I think the final score was 11-0. It was awesome and I'm super excited about the rest of the season. I also had a delicious dinner with Ms. Tracy and managed to send in my final term paper for 882. Just a few more things to finish up, but nothing too pressing at the moment.

7 4 student papers to grade
23 student assessments to complete
70+ final exams to grade

a Union AGM
2 Arbitration decisions to write

1 term paper
2 presentations
1 guest lecture

1 PhD proposal (extension granted)
3 overdue summaries (abandoned)
Canadian Taxes
American Taxes

Sunday, April 22, 2012

the great escape

My Canadian departure was a fly by night kind of mission. I managed to sneak out a day before I had planned to without bidding farewell to anyone. I've no doubt made a few good friends up north over the past few years, but I won't miss Kingston. I don't think I've ever been so happy to be in Chester County.

Last week was busy.

- Trail work at French Creek with TBR.
- Work at two of my three awesome jobs toiling in the finest soil this country has to offer
- Green Drinks at The Whip
- Rolling Thunder Blues Review at the Side Bar
- Riding the Wissahickon and hanging out with Lowell before his Colorado departure
- Connecting Hicks & West Road, The Laurels & ChesLen Preserves almost completely on dirt
- The Station Taproom with Moll & Spleen Boy
- Photo shoot for FIG
- Chechito's Birthday
- Milking sheep 
- Painting the kitchen
- Tacos a la Pena
- Awesome neighborhood dinner
- Unpacking the house (still so much to do)
- Successfully procrastinating on various outstanding academic projects
                 (bibliography, phd proposal, editorial stuff for 'gender, place, & culture')

My days are filled with gratitude. I must be the luckiest person in the world.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is that a no bicycle sign?

pure gold. 

This morning I spent the better part of an hour watching videos from the first (and best) leg of Lowell's trip across the country. I might be a bit biased... after all, I did tag along for the first 8 or 900 miles from Chester County to Cincinnati.

The video above is hands down my favorite. That day was epic.

There seem to be people all over the place setting off on great two wheeled adventures. There is a crew from Revolution Cycles heading across the country in a month, and Sandie will embark on her trip to Ann Arbor in June.

Oh the wonders that lay ahead.

Monday, April 9, 2012

michaux maximus and the ordering of things

i have an interview for a grant on sunday april 29th.
the interview conflicts in a serious way with my plans to race all three events in the 'race michaux' series... i'm a little bummed. actually i'm really bummed. i was looking forward to the suffering. 

this means i'll really have to do my best to charm the pants off of the interviewers and the granting party.... missing the race and not getting the grant would be the worst of both worlds... 

in the mean time i'll keep chugging away at this paper on scale-fixing and local food.

Friday, April 6, 2012

making progress

7 4 student papers to grade
23 student assessments to complete
70+ final exams to grade
a Union AGM
2 Arbitration decisions to write

1 term paper
2 presentations
1 guest lecture

1 PhD proposal
3 overdue summaries
Canadian Taxes
American Taxes

And a bit of humor:
After a successful 901 AGM last night, the union folk headed out to the bar in celebration of a great first year and to welcome the 2012/2013 executive. Trying to make the most of my time, I had a few student papers out on table so that I could make the occasional note between sips of cider. One drink turned into three, and as the undergraduate population flooded into the bar, it was clear that my exit time had come.
I made my way home and then, about an hour later, realized that I had left a handful of student papers behind. I zipped down the hill on my bike and (despite the bar being absolutely packed with terrible karaoke singers and wasted undergrads celebrating the end of term) I luckily found the essays on the table where I had left them.
It was a close call to say the least!